Georgian Themed Walking Tours

Georgian Themed Walking Tours.

The annual Georgian Festival at the end of November is one of the highlights of the annual calendar in Armagh City with various tours available. 

Armagh is one of the best examples of Irish Georgian Architecture in Ireland.

What to expect from a Georgian Tour

  • Step back in time to the Armagh from 1714 to 1830
  • Walk in the footsteps of the citizens who lived during this era - rich and poor
  • Hear about the dire living and working conditions people  contended with
  • Listen to stories of prominent citizens such as Archbishop Richard Robinson and their legacies that live on today
  • Uncovering the history of the architects of the period and their buildings which line The Mall
  • Be entertained by discovering the various, pastimes, fashion and eating habits of the era
  • Uncovering the range of crime and punishment of the period


Tours can be booked in advance throughout the year. As with all the tours the duration and route can be adapted to the requirements of the group, family or individual.

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