Système de guide touristique

A Tourtalk TT 40 tour guide system is a discreet alternative to a loudspeaker system ensuring only your group can hear you. No longer does your group need to huddle around you to hear what you are saying. With a Tourtalk system they can stand back and see what is going on whilst hearing you clearly.

ourtalk TT 40 is a wireless tour guide system that helps tour groups overcome background noise and distance away from the guide. Tourtalk TT 40 is easy to set up and use, operates up to 120 metres, and accommodates a limitless number of receivers.

This one-way radio communication system enables the guide to speak at a comfortable level to the group whilst ensuring they are clearly heard. Up to 12 tour groups can operate simultaneously within the same environment (depending on local conditions).

The guide uses a transmitter. They can either speak into a microphone or connect another audio device e.g. smartphone, mp3 player, to communicate with the group. The audio message is then transmitted on a specific channel (frequency) in the form of radio waves to the receivers.

The audience members use a receiver to convert this radio signal back to audio. Each person is supplied with a receiver set to the same channel (frequency) as the presenter. The user simply connects an earphone to hear the message and adjusts their volume to a comfortable level.

Both the transmitter and receivers are supplied with a lanyard and clothing clip to enable hands-free use. Each unit operates on a single AA battery. Either Alkaline or Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries can be used. A charger/transport case provides protection and secure storage for the units between tours.

A wide range of accessories are available for the system to suit each application. Whether the tour is taking place in a museum or a city centre, a Tourtalk system can be used to provide a professional experience for your guests.

The Tourtalk tour guide system has been designed to be very user friendly and can be setup within minutes. As the system is completely wireless, it can be operated indoors or outdoors and requires no installation.

The Tourtalk tour guide system is ideal for-

Guided tours indoors and outdoors

Simultaneous interpretation at international conferences

Tours in noisy environments

Equestrian and other sports training

Radio aid for hard of hearing people

Bus and city tours

Audio description for partially sighted or blind people

Examples of use-Each colour represents a different channel (frequency).

One transmitter and multiple receivers

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