Sentier d’art public

Armagh has a very interesting and diverse Public Art Trail.  What is Public Art? It is art for everyone, it can be tall or small, abstract, realistic, sculpted, carved, painted, assembled, cast from a wealth of materials and masonry. Sometimes it blends in with its surroundings, sometimes the complete opposite, sometimes it is popular, sometimes not so, there is even the possibility that you could miss it, or not understand the meaning of it, even if you walk past it every day.  Public Art is part of a community telling a story that is not always so obvious, therefore a city tour with an accredited Tour Guide is a perfect way to discover more about the soul of a place during your visit, or getting to know your area better if you live locally.

If this is an area that interests you, why not take a walking tour of Armagh’s Public Art so you can delve deeper into the rich tapestry of Armagh’s outdoor sculptures.  In the heart of the city is Richard Perry’s The Star Stone, Armagh Market & Fair Days by Eleanor Wheeler, For the Love of Emer by Martin Heron.  Two Irish sculptors have 2 pieces of art each along the trail,  Brian Connolly’s Turning Point on The Mall and his Celestial Sphere close to the junction between English Street and Abbey Street. Rory Breslin specialises in Bronze and was commissioned for a special piece for the millennium of Brian Boru’s death in 2014 and you will not fail to be touched by his Memorial to the victims of the Armagh Rail Disaster located on The Mall.  A short distance from the City centre you will see “Saints & Scholars Railings” by the artist David Dudgeon which is in Dobbin Lane, these are black intricate railings inspired by the legacy of Saint Patrick, and our two Cathedrals.  On a guided tour of the city we will uncover a mélange of stories covering the history and heritage of this ancient location, all this artwork ties in to the city.


The public art programme was funded by the then Armagh City and District Council, now part of Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council, The Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the Department for Social Development.  Further information can be found on Visit Armagh – Armagh City Centre Public Art Trail

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