Orchard Tour Armagh

Orchard Tour Armagh

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Orchard Tour Armagh - Group Bookings Only

What can you expect from an Orchard Tour in Co Armagh? Let us provide you with our audio expertise on a drive through the beautiful Drumlin landscape of Co Armagh. There are acres of lush fertile countryside and you will have the opportunity to meet local apple growers who have been cultivating these orchards for generations. On an Orchard Tour of Armagh, you will enjoy a tasting experience of a range of ciders and apple juice and hear all about the process involved in creating these artisan drinks. In addition you will be provided with an insight into why this area is perfect for the development and proliferation of so many Bramley Apple Orchards. We explain the significance of PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status. The Armagh Bramley is one of only 3 foods awarded this status in Northern Ireland along with the Comber Potato and Lough Neagh Eel. You have the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll through various types of orchards with the grower and find out how and when the Bramley Apple came to Armagh in addition to the care they provide to the trees all year round. The relatively recent growth in the Craft Cider industry is important to the local economy as is the versatility of the Bramley Apple in the catering industry. You can't beat the sensation of tasting the product in the Orchard so why not book yourself a place on this tour, you won't be disappointed. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE TOURS MUST BE BOOKED WELL IN ADVANCE TO ENSURE AVAILABILITY


Donna is fluent in French and will deliver the entire tour in French if necessary, Other Languages always available.


We have made arrangements with Local Armagh Apple Orchards and Cider Manufacturers to facilitate Tours on the premises.


Donna has been fully Qualified since 1997 and has held the Blue Badge accreditation since then, Fully insured


We have Multilingual Tour Guide operators who work with us, available in French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Italian & Cantonese.

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